Ph.D. theses supervised (4 completed)
Convergence Acceleration Procedures for the Computation of 2-D Transonic Flows, Ugur Turk
3. Numerical Analysis of Surface-Driven Non-Isothermal Viscoelastic Flow, Yalin Kaptan
2. A Framework for the Analysis of Coupled-Physics Models Using Adaptive Multilevel Techniques, Erhan Turan
1. Numerical Investigation of High Knudsen Number Flow in Rectangular Enclosures, Mehmet Orhan
  M.S. theses supervised (26 completed)

26. Numerical Investigation of Convective-Diffusive Transport using the SPH Techniqure, Engin Danis
25. Level Set Analysis of Two-Fluid Interfacial Flows, Aidin Sheikhi
24. Coupled Analysis of Turbomachinery Blades, Bulent Duz
23. Domain Decomposition Analysis of Aerodynamic Coupling, Ozkan Aydin
22. Aerodynamic Analysis of a Paraglider Wing using Domain Decomposition Techniques, Altug Melik Basol
21. Multiple-Domain Analysis of 3-D Flow over an Ellipsoidal Body of Aeronautical Interest, Erkan Sevinc
20. Moving-Boundary Induced Flow Simulations, Huseyin Saygin
19. Parallel and Unstructured Computation of 2-D and 3-D Vortex Flows, Oguz Dayi
18. Multiple-Domain Analysis of Unsteady Combustion with Detailed Chemistry for a Spherical Fuel Source, Murat Yaldizli
17. Operator Decomposition Techniques for the 3-D Numerical Analysis of Electronic Equipment Cooling, Mehmet Ilicak
16. Analysis of Microwave-Driven Convection, Dilzar R. Davut
15. Numerical Study on Combustion of a Liquid Fuel Droplet, Ali Raif Unsal
14. Combined Radiation and Convection Analysis for Electronic Equipments, Gurhan Kurukahveciler
13. Numerical Study of Double-Diffusive Convection in Porous Media, Abdulkadir Ozgen
12. CFD Methodology in Semiconductor Device Simulations, Mine Kacan
11. Numerical Study on Airfoils in Steady and Oscillating Streams, Mehmet Rifat Ozalp
10. Numerical Simulation of Two-Phase Flow using the Homogeneous Flow Model, Murat Dal
9. Nonlinear Effects on a Rotating Disk Flow, Atakan Devrim Pakkan
8. Numerical Simulation of Natural Convection Flow in a Vertical Annulus using ILU-Preconditioning, Sabit Utku Ergun
7. Computational Aeroacoustics: Euler Formulation, Bulent Imamoglu
6. A Study of Absorbing Boundary Conditions for the Numerical Solution of Wave Propagation Problems, Abdullah Nezihi Erdem
5. 2-D Modeling of Injection Molding of Polymers into Thin Cavity Molds, Aygun Erol
4. Solidification and Melting with Enthalpy Formulation based on Fixed Domain Methodology, Zafer Dikmen
3. Analysis of Non-Newtonian Fluids using Numerical Techniques, Haluk Senirmak
2. A Numerical Modeling of the Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in Solidification and Melting Problems, Ibrahim Karaman
1. Analysis of External Flows using Krylov Techniques, Reha Akbas